Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney

Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney


Criminal charges are important issues that will not go away on their own. They need to be dealt with aggressively and professionally. At our firm, I am dedicated to each client I encounter, relentlessly striving to assist them in any number of criminal charges. Serving as a former prosecutor I have witnessed what can happen when a defendant is not properly represented by a qualified attorney.

Criminal Defense Attorney

When it comes to legal defense I have more than 13 years of experience that have allowed me to develop my legal skill and provide high quality representation. Although some of the legal defenses such as foreclosure defense and bankruptcy attorney protection do not come with their own magic want to take away your troubles, you can be assured that our law firm will do all that we can to assist our clients to receive the best possible legal outcome. I was named among the list of Rising Stars from Texas Super Lawyers Magazine.

To learn about the unique care and precision that comes with our law firm, you may read the additional pages to learn about your rights and options. While no part of this webpage can be construed as legal advice, we do seek to provide information because we want you to be the best informed client and help you to the best of our abilities. With my extensive knowledge of the legal system I am also able to mentor other attorneys. The representation you have when you are facing charges such as robbery, burglary or rape can be a deciding factor in your case that can sway the verdict you face at the end of your trial.

When you retain my services you can be fully confident that you have a reputable defendant on your side that is will persistently fight for you from beginning to end. With my determination I go to great lengths to protect my clients against charges of treason, drug crimes, possession and DWIs. I am a no-nonsense attorney that is up front with you from the beginning about the difficult road that will be ahead of you when you are faced with serious charges such as a felony. I believe that understanding the significance of a conviction from the start can better prepare you along with helping you understand how important it is to be in capable hands. As part of this effort I offer a free initial consultation so that we can discuss the aspects of your particular case. Through a consultation I can inform you of the legal process and how we will take action to fight you charges. While some attorneys may give false expectations and unfounded promises, I am an honest attorney that will always give you the facts. I have a passion for my profession as well as my clients and am always taking the extra steps in an effort to protect their rights. I know how detrimental a criminal conviction can be in the lives of those I represent so I take every available opportunity I can.


My background in criminal defense is extensive and I have handled my types of charges including serious felonies such as murder and arson as well as assault and kidnapping. If you are dealing with a traffic ticket you may not realize how much the legal counsel of a Dallas criminal defense lawyer can help you with speeding, moving violations, hit and runs or reckless driving. I have a wide ranging background dealing with charges for driving with a suspended license, driving without a license and more. I am also able to assist with commercial driver’s license.

With my comprehensive training and knowledge there are many areas of criminal law my services extend to. Once I was admitted to the bar in 1998, I served as a prosecutor on a DWI task force; an experience that has given me a proficient knowledge and greatly aided me in defending charges of DWI. For those that are facing difficulties dealing with the Department of Public Safety, as a former employee there, I have a well-founded understanding of how to deal with them along with great insight into how the corporation functions. I am a second generation trial lawyer that is firmly committed to the practice of criminal defense.

Criminal Defense

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Throughout all areas of a case I keep my clients informed and up to date on the proceedings of their case. A conviction for a crime can include jail time, fines, community service, probation and other penalties. It can harm your social life, credit, employment, family and many other areas of your life. I know how important it is to avoid a conviction and with my defense you are closer to obtaining a not guilty conviction. With the personal service at my firm you are more than just another case, you are an individual with a life and rights that need to be protected.

Under the constitution each person has certain liberties and it is my goal to uphold them. Through careful investigation of your case I will build a case to counter the one that the prosecution will try to bring against you. Any number of instances can put any type of person facing a criminal charge. Don’t let one bad decision harm you. Having a skilled attorney on your side can make the difference in a conviction or a solution that is in your best interests. My firm offers flexible payment options so that you can get the representation you need without having to worry.

In addition to Dallas, we are proud to serve the residents of Collin County, Seguin, Tarrant County, Comal County, Denton County, Guadalupe County, Rockwall County, Gonzalez County, Johnson County, Wise County, and San Marcos. Other areas of law served include bankruptcy, foreclosure prevention, and more.