Dallas Arson Defense Attorney

Dallas Arson Defense Attorney

Causing a fire with the intention of damage to a vehicle, building, vegetation among other things is illegal. Even if you did not mean for it to catch so quickly and cause the damage you can still be charged. When you are facing a charge of arson the state can come down hard on you. Fire set intentionally can cause monumental damage to homes, buildings, cars and can even lead to deaths. The state is left to pay the cost of putting out the fire. It is a felony offense that can leave you in jail paying charges and needs the attention of a Dallas criminal lawyer.

What is arson?

Some may choose to set fire to their car to claim insurance money; some may start a fire for mere enjoyment. Either way, the state of Texas has certain statutes that regulate the starting of fires and anyone that goes against these regulations is in a direct violation of the law. For less severe cases of arson you may be looking at a two year prison sentence.

Other times if the circumstances are serious enough it can lead up to $10,000 in fines and up to life in prison. Even those who eventually serve their sentence and are released can find it difficult to fit back into society. Your charges if serious enough could have made public attention and anyone that wishes to look into your background can find out about the conviction. If a person is killed as a result of the fire it is a serious felony.


In many cases the person that caused the fire is not seen by anyone making difficult for law enforcement to make an arrest. However, since the damages of an intentional fire can be substantial great initiative is taken to find those responsible and try them. After a free initial consultation I will begin working on your case immediately. I will review any witness accounts or other pieces of evidence that can be used to defend you. For over a decade I have been practicing law; handling any number of charges during my years in the profession of criminal defense.