Dallas Assault Lawyer

Dallas Assault Lawyer

When you are involved in a situation that includes an assault you may be arrested and placed in a situation where you need to show reasonable doubt that you did not in fact commit the crime you are being accused of. With the help of a Dallas criminal attorney you stand a much better chance. Many individuals charged do not have the length of experience or the extensive knowledge I possess and criminal defense is often one of the key factors in the sentencing of a case.

Information About Assault

Assault does not need to involve actual physical damage or any type of physical contact at all. It may be the threat of violence or behavior that is offensive. When one of the parties involved believes they are in danger of violence than assault can be considered for a charge. In some cases violence can be involved which will increase the verdict that is given. Aggravated assault can include a deadly weapon even if it is not used to harm the person but causes fear that they could be hurt. Aggravated assault is considered a felony in the state and requires fast legal action.


When you meet with my office you will receive a free initial consultation. I am devoted to personal service and provide 24 hour live phone answering as well as flexible payment options because everyone should have the ability to be defended against a charge. With over a decade in legal experience I am not only qualified to represent you, I am passionate about it.

Many attorneys may give you unrealistic views about the process making it a harsh reality when you have to deal with the true difficulty of a felony charge. I am a no-nonsense attorney who from the beginning will educate you on what to prepare for and I will be there with you from investigation to final verdict providing strong legal representation the whole way through.