Assault defense lawyer in Dallas

Assault defense lawyer in Dallas

The threat of violence or any act of violence is known as assault. As the assault is a violent crime, therefore, the assault defense lawyer, Dallas, treats them seriously. Assault charges can be felonies depending upon the situation of the individual. 

In case that a person commits assault by attempting to give serious bodily injury and is observed by any of the law enforcement officers or Dallas criminal lawyers, they can arrest the individual and accuse them of the assault. An individual doesn’t have to come in contact physically with another to be accused of the assault. Simply provoking fear by threatening is enough for the criminal justice system to charge somebody. In cases like this where there is no physical violence, just the threat, a conviction can end up with a hefty fine.

Assault defense lawyer

Types Of Assault

Assault can be categorized further into different types including:

Verbal Assault 

This is perhaps the most widely recognized sort of assault experienced by grown-ups in today’s time. The verbal assault happens when you are threatened verbally. Physical assault doesn’t have to occur at the same time. With verbal assault, you might see your life at risk.

Aggravated Assault 

This is one of the most perilous kinds of assault. With Aggravated assault, the person is assaulted with a type of deadly weapon like a gun, knife, etc. The person committing assault plans to kill or seriously harm the other. Aggravated assault can end up living in jail.

Simple Assault 

This kind of assault doesn’t include a weapon. Simple assault can happen to anybody. In this type of assault, it is not relevant if you are physically touched or not. You might be harmed slightly or you may fear getting harmed.

Sexual Assault

Another very common type – sexual assault. Whenever sexual touch happens without consent, this kind of assault can be charged. For some, sexual assault is possibly the most challenging assault to talk about and might be scary to look for compensation for.

Assault Penalties

Assault is a Class A violent crime; a fine of up to $500 is imposed in case a person commits assault. In any case, the assault can become a third-degree felony if it is against:

  • An individual who lives with a blood relative, partner, or a defendant
  • A security official during his duty 
  • A community worker while in their official duty or legally releasing an official duty 
  • Emergency service workforce while the individual is giving his services

Aggravated assault also carries a second-degree penalty. It might be raised to a first-degree felony under specific circumstances, for example, utilizing a dangerous weapon during the assault and cause serious injury. A first-degree penalty can bring about a jail sentence from five years to life in jail.

A third-degree felony is about sentencing to jail for two to ten years and a fine. Under particular conditions, a third-degree felony assault charge can be raised to a second-degree felony that carries a penalty from two to twenty years in jail and a fine.


Regardless of the type of assault you are going through, approach a criminal defense lawyer in Dallas to seek help. Remember to reach out to the experienced criminal lawyer in Dallas, TX offering the legal services ensuring to assist you with getting the justice you deserve and compensation you need.