Criminal Defense Attorney in Dallas

Criminal Defense Attorney in Dallas

At our law office, we want to change your perception of how you should be treated by your lawyer.

We see otherwise good people who have made a bad decision or who have been put into a situation they don’t know how to get out of. Nobody needs a lawyer when everything is going his or her way.

There are no shortages of attorneys in our area, and you have a lot of choices in picking the best person Dallas criminal defense attorney to represent you. So, why would you choose our law firm?

  • Over a decade of experience successfully representing people like you
  • Listed in the 2006 Rising Stars Edition of the Texas Super Lawyers Magazine
  • A wide-ranging practice that provides aggressive criminal defense and strong family law representation
  • A no-nonsense attitude that tells you what you need to know to get the best results from your case
  • A passion for our work and a passion for our clients; you’re not just another case in our office
  • As a mentoring law firm, our attorneys maintain that we be ready to help when other attorneys need help
  • A second-generation trial lawyer with experience as a prosecutor that he puts to work for criminal defense
  • Defends criminal law clients from DWI/DUI to drug possession
  • Free initial consultation, flexible payment options and 24-hour live phone answering.
Dallas Criminal Lawyer

Dallas Criminal Lawyer

To fight the case for yourself and to save yourself from any big statement or punishment, it is required to hire an able lawyer that can efficiently handle the case and in the long run can provide the decision of the court for your side. The lawyer can provide the ease to the criminal to fight for him with the opponent party but in some cases, lawyers have to be honest and speak for and about truth and honesty. It is not considered an overstatement that one criminal case can put the life of a person on the edge and there is no way to escape from the punishment if he is the criminal in true sense. There are several crimes that happen in Dallas on an almost everyday basis. These crimes may include theft, Voilence crime, Sexual harassment crime, fedral crimes, internet or cyber crimes, probation retraction, drug crimes and other related social criminal charges. All these crimes can be reduced to some extent by properly fighting against them.  There are many criminal lawyers in Dallas who fight cases related to criminology. These criminal lawyers include:

  • The Shapiro Law firm
  • Mark A. Perez, Attorney at Law
  • Sally Goodman Law
  • Law offices of Tim power
  • Frank H. Jackson law offices
  • Heather J. Barbieri, P.C.
  • Washington and Wells law firm
  • The Simpson Tuegel Law firm
  • Mullen & Mullen Law Firm
  • Richard Trial Attorneys PLLC and many more.