Dallas Burglary Attorney In DFW

Dallas Burglary Attorney In DFW


Burglary Defense in DFW

Breaking and entering into a home is illegal. Unless the owner of the home has given permission for you to enter you are not permitted to. Burglary law in the state has been extended to include further circumstances. Unlawful entrance of a building is considered a felony in Texas, making it important that you talk to a Dallas criminal defense lawyer early on in your case to fight a charge. At my firm you will receive personal and reputable legal representation in the various circumstances of a burglary charge. My legal skill has been recognized and the criminal defense I provide clients with has proven effective time and again.

The term burglary can sometimes be thought by many to only include breaking into a home to rob them. While that can be what is involved in a charge, other times it consists of entering a habitat (vehicle or structure) or building that is not meant for public access for the purpose of committing assault, theft or a felony. Other times it can include hiding out in a home or building with the purpose of committing assault, theft or a felony. Even if only a portion of your body or an item connected to your body such as a flashlight is in the habitat or building without authorization it is still against the law. A burglary can be considered a state jail felony up to a first degree felony.


At our law firm, we are well acquainted with the laws of burglary and know where the state stands on the issue. In my 13 years of experience I have successfully handled many different types of criminal charges. I fight on behalf of my client to help them avoid the serious penalties of a conviction. If you are dealing with a burglary charge you may be faced with jail time and fines as well as a mark on your criminal record. Whether this is your first criminal charge or you have others, the convictions you sustain the greater your punishment may be. Call my firm to discuss your claim during a free consultation. My phone lines are answered 24 hours a day. When you retain my services you have outstanding legal guidance on your side.