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There are many types of crimes that you can be charged with, all of which may leave you with unfortunate repercussions. When you are charged for a crime one of the first steps you should take is to retain the services of a New Braunfels criminal defense lawyer. At my firm, Martin Zimmerman, P.C., I have more than 13 years of legal practice as well as a background serving as a former prosecutor. I have extensive trial experience and am a second generation trial lawyer. As one of the Rising Stars of Texas Super Lawyers Magazine, I am a well-respected and widely recognized attorney. My comprehensive understanding and practice of the law has allowed me to successfully handle numerous types of charges. The following are some of the areas that I provide my legal services in:

Some fires are started by an accident or natural causes. Other times they can be done more purposefully for reasons such as looking to reap the insurance money or for destructive reasons. These fires can be difficult to control and may result in substantial destruction before they are stopped by the fire department. Click here to read more about arson.

Assault charges include offensive behavior or the attempt to cause to harm someone. It does not always include actual physical touching. Depending on the situation the charge can be considered a felony or a mis demeanor. It is a violent crime that is often used interchangeably with battery. Click here to read more about assault.

The act of breaking and entering into a home can result in a high price. Any residence or building that is off limits to the public needs permission before entering. This involves buildings that are open to the public during the day but at night are closed. It can increase in punishment if the intent was to commit a crime such as theft after entering the building. Click here to read more about burglary.

Department of Public Safety
In Texas, the Department of Public Safety is responsible for controlling criminal activity so when you are charged for a crime you can be dealing with them. As a former employee of theirs I have a more in depth knowledge of what it takes to represent you against their accusations. Click here to read more about the Department of Public Safety.

Drug Crimes
Any number of relations to a drug can put you at odds with the law. If you are found possessing drugs, possessing with the intent to distribute, selling or distributing you may be charged. The charges can range from a misdemeanor up to a first degree felony depending on the amount of drugs, the type of drug and what your involvement with the drug was. Click here to read more about drug crimes.

Any person can find themselves facing charges for driving while intoxicated. When you do you may incur jail time, license suspension, fines and other serious penalties for a simple mistake. You can pay thousands as a result and sustain a criminal conviction for failing to take precautions when drinking and driving. Click here to read more about DWI.

A felony includes some of the most serious offenses that can occur such as murder, robbery, kidnapping and rape . When you are charged with a felony your life is in greater danger of being ruined by a severe jail sentencing, high fines and more. Click here to read more about felonies.

No one should ever be taken somewhere against their will unless it is done by law enforcement that has the legal right to do so. Kidnapping does not need to include far distances but the greater the distance is may mean that there are greater penalties. It can involve restraining someone from leaving or threatening harm to them or others if they try to get away. Click here to read more about kidnapping.

When your actions result in the death of another you can face varying degrees of charges dependent on the circumstances. Murder charges pertain to intentional actions where one individual meant to kill another, such as in premeditated murder. The sentencing for a murder charge of any degree can result in 2 years to life of a jail sentence. Click here to read more about murder.

Possession with Intent to Distribute
Also known as possession for sale, this crime can be penalized harder than a charge for possession. This includes having drugs that are believed to be for the purpose of distributing. There are various factors that can tip police off that the intention is to sell the drugs such as the way the drugs are packaged. Whether the crime is considered a misdemeanor or felony is dependent on a number of factors. Click here to read more about possession with intent to distribute.

Forcing a person into a sexual act or taking advantage of them is considered an act of rape that is highly penalized. If one of the parties is not in favor of the act then it can leave the other dealing with law enforcement. Many are thought of as guilty before their trial has even taken place and need a tough defender to give them a voice. Click here to read more about rape.

In the state of Texas, under section 29 of the penal code, robbery is considered the act of theft in which a person seeks to gain control of a form of property that belongs to another. In some instances this action can become more violent when bodily injury is involved or with the use of a deadly weapon. Depending on the aspects involved it can lead up to a felony charge. Click here to read more about robbery.

Traffic Ticket
When you are on the road there are many regulations. Failure to adhere to them can put you up against a traffic ticket that can result in jail time, fines among other penalties. Your ability to drive can also be put on the line when you fail to properly defend against these charges. Click here to read more about traffic tickets.

An act that goes against the government or the country that aids outside forces considered enemies it is a rarer crime but when it does occur those convicted can be in serious trouble. Those charged will want the best defense they can get if they are hoping to hold a case against powerful government entities. Click here to read more about treason.

No-Nonsense Service from a New Braunfels Attorney

If you are facing any of these charges as well as other criminal violations, call my office to have a preeminent attorney handle your case. I will forcefully defend you against any number of criminal charges, relentlessly striving to protect you from the harsh reality of conviction. In my years of practice I have seen countless lives devastated from the effects of a sentencing. Rather than giving you round about answers or unrealistic expectations, I let my clients know from the first consultation how serious their charges are and what they can expect.

My aim is to give every client a fair chance to protect their rights and their freedom. If you are charged, you may be unsure where to even begin. I will provide knowledgeable legal counsel during each step. I also offer flexible payment schedules since I know that for many of my clients the thing that is holding them back from getting the defense they need is finances. Call my firm for a free consultation. Phone lines are always open 24/7.

Schedule a free consultation today by contacting a New Braunfels criminal attorney from the firm the defend you against any number of criminal charges.

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