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Need defense against the Department of Public Safety?

A branch of the government, the Department of Public Safety in Texas enforces legal regulations in the state. The DPS is made up of various divisions that impose and regulate different aspects of the law. These can include the criminal investigations branch and the Texas Highway Patrol. Many that are charged with a crime including a traffic ticket may have a run in with the DPS. I formerly worked for the DPS and know what you are dealing with when you up against them. My strong commitment and past experience of over a decade in practice is a great asset to any case.

Many individuals may find themselves in a direct conflict with the large government organization and are unsure how to begin. The large structure and power that they hold can make it extremely difficult for an individual to go at it alone, especially those with a limit legal knowledge. I have a strong understanding of Texas law as well as my background working for them. I have represented many clients against the DPS and have won numerous outcomes in the favor of those I defended.

Criminal Defense from a Dallas Attorney

With my assistance you stand a better chance at taking on the DPS and having your charges reduced or dismissed. With over a decade of legal experience I am well qualified to take on any number of legal charges including DWI, felonies and drug crimes. The hard-hitting, persistent criminal defense of a Dallas criminal defense attorney is what you will need if you are going to effectively protect yourself from the force of the DPS. Call my office for a free consultation to see how my assistance can be a great advantage to your claim.

Contact a Dallas criminal lawyer if you are facing issues with the Department of Public Safety.

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