Dallas Drug Crime Lawyer

Dallas Drug Crime Lawyer

Drug Crimes in Dallas, TX

Drug crimes can include many types of various involvement with illegal drugs. You may not even be caught with the drugs themselves but if you are found with any drug paraphernalia you can still be charged. It is up to the specific state to determine the regulations it imposes for drug involvement. When you are charge you need criminal defense from a Dallas criminal defense attorney. Depending on the type of drug you were found with, the number of drugs and what you involvement was with them you can be charged accordingly.

Drug Crime Lawyer

Drug possession, possession with intent to distribute, sales and distribution are all illegal activity in the state and will vary in the penalties sentenced. Some drugs are considered more dangerous that others so being caught with them can lead you with a higher charge than another such as crystal meth compared to marijuana. You will need to be defended since failure to do so can leave you under the weight of fines, jail time, rehabilitation programs and more. Fines can go up to hundreds of thousands, devastating you financially and stripping you of your life if you are placed in jail for any number of years. Many charges have a mandatory minimum sentencing meaning at the very least you will face the set jail times and fines.


When you are dealing with a drug crime it can be considered a misdemeanor up to a first degree felony so it is critical that you have capable criminal defense representing you. At my firm I have handled numerous types of drug crimes that involve the various types of illegal substances. I am well versed in drug crime laws for the state and have years of courtroom experience. My success with cases has been recognized, earning me a spot in the list of Texas Super Lawyers Magazine’s Rising Stars. I will personally handle your case with exceptional skill and knowledge seeking to gain a positive outcome. Call today for a free case evaluation!