Dallas DWI Lawyer

Dallas DWI Lawyer

Dallas DWI Lawyer


In the state of Texas a DWI can be a serious offense that may leave any type of individual that made on simple mistake up against criminal charges. In other instances a wrongful arrest and charge can be made that leaves an innocent person with a criminal record. At Martin Zimmerman, P.C., I seek to protect you against the harsh DUI penalties, defending your freedom and securing a not guilty verdict in cases of underage DUI, DUI with injury, vehicular manslaughter, and multiple DWIs.

State Laws on DWI Charges

If an officer suspects that you are under the influence of alcohol they can pull you over and administer a field sobriety test. You have the right to turn down this testing but often times the penalties can be more severe than a conviction itself. As a former prosecutor for the DWI task force I know what the prosecution you are up against will be like and how to fight the Department of Public Safety. I also know what it will take to build a case and properly defend you during the DUI process.

Without the right criminal defense, even though you deserve to go free you may be unable to present a persuasive enough case to the court. As a repercussion you may face a sentencing including fines, jail time, vehicle confiscation, license suspension, ignition interlock device and mandatory rehabilitative programs. The minimum license suspension under state law is 90 days for a first offense and one year for repeat offenders.

If a breath test reveals a blood alcohol content level above the legal limit of .08% , you can be at risk for great punishments. A DWI is considered a criminal charge and means you will now have an offense added on your criminal record. A conviction will impair your life in a number of ways and may leave you unable to drive and reliant on others.

Drunk Driving Defense

When you are charged for vehicular manslaughter or other crimes it is imperative that you contact me as soon as possible. With the representation of a Dallas criminal defense attorney there from the beginning you may have a greater chance of disproving accusations of drinking and driving. Since an officer will attempt to get you to say things that make you look guilty, with me there protecting you from the start I can help you avoid saying anything potentially damaging.

A DWI charge is based off the judgment of the officer so without sufficient evidence it becomes your word against theirs. The less you say the better. You have the right to remain silent and in many arrest situations it is a right that you should practice. I am well versed in the state laws and regulations regarding DWI and will employ my skills to guard you against a criminal conviction.