Criminal Defense Lawyer in Dallas, TX

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Dallas, TX

All types of crimes can occur from those that are less serious to extremely significant ones. When they do occur you need a DFW criminal defense attorney present with you throughout the process to give you fighting chance at avoiding a conviction. While all crimes are important and can leave you with a criminal record, the government has assessed certain crimes to be more serious than others and deserving of greater punishment. Felonies are the most serious offense that can occur and can have detrimental outcomes.

Have you been charged with a felony? This may or may not be your first criminal charge. A felony is a difficult thing to face and is an even greater chance to deal with alone. I will personally review your case free of charge and will be there with you throughout the process. Personal and devoted service is something I pride myself on and I take every effort to ensure that my clients receive just that. I provide criminal defense for those that are facing charges in the following areas:

The intentional killing of a person both premeditated and in the moment of the crime constitutes as murder and is a felony. While there are various other reasons that one individual may kill another such as self-defense, a murder is done purposefully and can leave the defendant facing life in prison. Click here to read more about murder.

Rape is the forceful act of sexual coercion. If the act was not mutual then it is considered rape. Statutory rape can occur when even though both parties are involved in the decision, only one is under the age of 17. In cases where a minor was involved the charges can be higher. Click here to read more about rape.

This charge depending on the situation can be a misdemeanor up to a felony. Assault is when a forceful act occurs that causes a person to fear violence. It can include physical harm or just the threat. When a weapon is involved the charges become more serious. Click here to read more about assault.

Starting a fire is not illegal as long as it is a safe area that will prevent it from spreading. If a fire is intentionally started for the purpose of causing homes, cars, woods or other things to burn that it is highly illegal and can come with serious consequences. Click here to read more about arson.

There are different levels of burglary but in general it constitutes as breaking and entering a building or habitat for the purpose of committing a crime once inside. Charges can increase up to a first degree felony in cases where the intent was to commit further crime. Click here to read more about burglary.

Considered a second to first degree felony in the state, robbery can lead from 2 years in jail up to 99 if aggravated robbery is charged. A conviction also holds up to 10,000 in fines. When an individual commits theft and in the process causes or threatens bodily harm this counts as robbery. Click here to read more about robbery.

Considered an act of betrayal, this action against the nation or sovereign is considered a felony and typically leads to jail time. If you are accused you need a strong defender to dispute charges against you. Click here to read more about treason.

Kidnapping includes taking a person from location to another when they are unwilling to go. It can be through the use of force or threats to them or another person. Click here to read more about kidnapping.