Are you up against a charge of conviction? It is necessary that you have capable criminal defense on your side to help you avoid a sentencing that can include jail time, fines and other consequences. If you are charged a Dallas criminal attorney can help dispute your charges and fight to avoid a conviction. If you are convicted for the crime will mean a permanent mark on your criminal record that can be viewed by many individuals including future employers. Jail sentences can be up to years behind bar meaning you will have to put your life on hold and leave all your loved ones behind. My aim is to combat these charges and allow you to move forward. In order to do so you will need to first speak with me about your case which you can do so during a free consultation.

Kidnapping is defined under the law in the state of Texas as knowingly and intentionally abducting another individual. It can be charged as a third degree felony to a third degree felony. It is not considered a kidnapping charge if there was no intention or threat of deadly force , the purpose was to assume lawful control of the abducted person or the abductee is a relative. Aggravated kidnapping is a higher charge that is considered a first degree felony. It can include the use of a deadly weapon or other means in order to control the person. Aggravated kidnapping occurs when any of the following intentions are involved:

  • To hold the person for reward or ransom;
  • To interfere with a political or governmental function;
  • To cause bodily harm or sexual abuse or violation;
  • To facilitate a felony in any way;
  • To use them as a hostage or shield; and
  • To terrorize another party

Defense Against Kidnapping in Texas

When you need aggressive criminal defense, look no further than our law firm. At my firm passion and personal service is something that every person receives. In addition to the free initial consultation that my firm offers, 24 hour phone answering as well as a flexible payment schedule is available . I have over a decade of experience in legal practice and am well versed in the states laws that pertain to your case. I have trial experience and have been on the defense side as well as the prosecution side in a court room. When the legal system seems complex and impossible to navigate I can guide you through it. I won’t offer you false hope and unrealistic expectations. I will offer hard work, dedication and exceptional legal capability.