Dallas Rape Attorney

Dallas Rape Attorney

Criminal Defense: Rape Charges in Dallas

Were you charged or arrested for rape? You are highly advised to obtain the services of a DFW criminal lawyer. At my firm, I provide personal service and quality care in each case. I am dedicated to legal practice and possess a strong passion for those I represent. A rape charge is not a matter to be overlooked and failing to properly deal with it can cause great devastation if the day comes where a guilty verdict is read. One of your first steps should be to call my office and speak with me during a free consultation. My 13 years of legal experience are a great benefit to any case and having my legal counsel with you throughout your trial can be one of the deciding factors in the outcome.

When sexual activity occurs in which one of the parties involved was not willing and expressed their opposition, a conviction may be the result. Sexual activity should only take place when both parties are in agreeance. Sexual violation is a felony and that wrongful action can affect your for years to come. In some cases even if both parties were involved and willing a rape charge can still be faced. If one of the individuals involved is a minor (under the age of 17) then it is known as statutory rape. Rape charges can lead to fines, years of jail time and the need to register as a sexual offender. Rape can occur between strangers as well as family members, friends and acquaintances. Either way it is illegal and highly punishable. When violence or threats are used the charges become more serious.


Since rape is a serious crime, when someone is accused of it they may be looked at as guilty before even being tried. You have rights under the law and it is my goal to uphold them. I seek to make sure you have a fair trial and I formulate a defensive plan as a part of that effort. A rape charge may force you to be registered online meaning the information of your conviction is access to the public. Your neighbors, friends, family and anyone can access that information, damaging you further. The criminal defense you have can often times make or break a case so you need a well-qualified attorney to represent you. I have successfully handled many cases during my time. I also know what it is like from the prosecution side, working formerly as a DWI task force prosecutor so I have a strong understanding of the criminal process as a whole.