Robbery Attorney in Dallas, TX

Robbery Attorney in Dallas, TX

Were you charged for robbery?

Robbery is committed when they attempt theft and in the process cause bodily harm to another whether intentionally, recklessly or knowingly. It can also involve threatening a victim or causing them to fear physical harm or death. It begins as a second degree felony.

Robbery Attorney

A more serious charge is known as aggravated robbery. This is offense is caused when they cause serious physical harm to a person, they use or have a deadly weapon with them such as a gun or they threaten or cause a person to fear that they will be physically harmed or killed if that person is disabled or over the age of 65. This is a first degree felony which means the repercussions will be increased to fit the further extent of the crime. When you are charged for robbery, if you stand a chance of avoiding the penalties of jail time and high payments you will need exceptional criminal defense.


My services have been a great benefit to those I represent and have even caused me to be listed as a Rising Star in Texas Super Lawyers Magazine. I am a second generation trial lawyer with over 13 years of legal experience. After a free consultation about your claim I will begin investigating the charges and using all available information to develop a case that makes a strong point in your defense. If you have been charged the legal services you retain are one of the most important decisions you will make.

While there are many attorneys available, not all of them provide the same level of skill and knowledge as a Dallas criminal lawyer. I have worked in criminal defense, arguing numerous cases and fighting to protect the rights and freedom of my clients. My strong passion for legal defense pushes me to provide outstanding and personalized service in every claim I take on. Call my office today for a free consultation, 24 hour phone answering and flexible payment schedules.