Dallas Traffic Ticket Attorney

Dallas Traffic Ticket Attorney


When you are driving in the state of Texas there are many regulations you should be aware of. Each state has their own laws when it comes to driving regulation and pleading ignorant of those laws will not be an excuse in court if you are ticketed. A traffic ticket can leave you paying fines, in traffic school, dealing with jail time, with a suspended or revoked license among other things.

Traffic Ticket Attorney

One of those most common repercussions is the financial cost of a ticket. Not only do you have to pay the actual ticket fee, many times a ticket can affect the amount you pay for insurance. When you are charged you do not need to pay a ticket immediately. Doing so is admitting to the court that you were guilty of the charge. You have the right to fight it and with the help of a Dallas criminal lawyer you stand a better chance of doing just that.

Traffic Violation in Dallas

When an officer pulls you over they may ask you prying questions in an effort to coerce you into admitting fault. They may ask if you know why you were pulled over hoping you will say that you were in fact speeding. You can choose to not answer their questions, preventing yourself from saying anything that could be held against you later. I am a second generation trial lawyer with more than 13 years of experience so I am very familiar with the criminal defense process. I can defend you against numerous types of traffic violations including a moving violation, hit and run, or reckless driving. I am also extremely capable of fighting for you if you have been charged for driving with a suspended license or driving without a license at all.

The different types of charges will carry varying penalties and I can help you understand from the beginning what your charges include during a free initial consultation. I believe that it is important for my clients to understand their charges as well as being kept informed of the status of their claim throughout the process. I am also well prepared those that possess a commercial driver’s license that are ticketed. Do not wait to retain my services since the addition of a well-qualified attorney is a great benefit if you are disputing a traffic ticket.