Criminal Defense Lawyer in Dallas

Under the U.S. constitutional law, treason is an action or actions against the country as a whole such as aiding enemies of the nation or imposing war against the country. In order to be convicted of treason in Texas, two or more witnesses must be able to give testimony or a confession in court needs to be obtained. It can be tried at the federal level or the state level. If the treason is at the state level it can be left up to them to decide how to punish. Though not a common occurrence, when treason does occur, it can have grave repercussions.

A Dallas criminal defense attorney is a valuable asset to have if you are being tried for treason. As it is considered a serious offense, you will need tough criminal defense in order to dispute a charge. Without the right representation you may incur a felony on your criminal record. Failing to hire a qualified attorney who has a solid background involved in the practice of law can put you in harm of being criminally convicted. I have practiced law for over 13 years and was admitted to the bar in 1998; since then I have continued to develop my passion for legal practice. I dedicate myself to every client I represent and always seek to put their best interests first.

Defense Against Treason in Texas

If you are charged, you should contact me as soon as possible so I can begin building a case. You will need all the time you can get, so taking fast action is key. I will investigate all aspects of your case, inquiring into the accounts of any witnesses. The prosecution will need to provide proof without reasonable doubt that you are in fact guilty of the crime so it is my goal to prevent them from doing so. As a former prosecutor, I am well aware of the many types of strategies they may employ; so early on I can take initiative to develop a defensive plan against any of their tactics. I am vastly capable of hard hitting criminal defense against any number of crimes. Speak with my firm to schedule a free consultation as soon as possible.